Snessing it up

Happy Monday lovelies!

I find there is nothing better than walking to work and passing hundreds of cars stuck in traffic. I’m getting some fresh air, vitamin D, a little bit of exercise and to work for free!!

However, I am known to rock the sness (or snirt/snants) from time to time. If you don’t know a sness/snirt/snants is when you pair your work outfit with sneakers! Steve jobs rocked this daily and became famous for sneakers with jeans and turtleneck. If it’s good enough for Steve, then it’s good enough for me.

Jane and I disagree on this. Always have and always will. She believes there is no excuse to ruin a pretty dress with sneakers. Ever! Pack jandels or get fully changed into workout gear. There is never an in between.

What do you think – to sness or not to sness??


Laura xxxx

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