30 day challenge # 1

O push ups, how you own me!!

I have always wanted to be able to bust out a bunch of push ups like a boss but my upper body strength leaves me lacking every time. I don’t think I’m not alone here – many ladies seem to have to really work on their upper body strength while boys do no exercise for 2 years and can crank out 50 push ups no problem!

So instead of being frustrated at the men in my life who can do muscle ups all day I went looking for a quick challenge that will improve my push ups but won’t take up too much time. And I stumbled upon THIS beauty which not only targets my upper body strength but also my butt and abs!

I love that this program starts out with manageable amounts of push ups (PU), squats (SQ), sit ups (SU), crunches (CR), leg raises (LR) and plank position (PL) but if I zoom ahead to day 30, I can see I’ll be busting out 75 push ups in one go…yes please!!!!

I’ve completed 4 days of this 30 day challenge and it takes less than 15mins a day and I’m definitely feeling it the next day!
I’ve printed it out and take great joy in crossing each day off as I complete it. It’s like an advent day calendar chocolate but instead of counting down to st nick, I’m counting towards increased strength and a bikini ready bum!

So if you are keen for a simple 30 day challenge that gives you a quick call body workout, I challenge you to give this a go!
Don’t wait till the beginning of next month, start today 😊. Let me know how you go!

Laura xx

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