When you’re on dessert

Have you ever been asked to ‘provide dessert’ to a bbq/pot luck dinner, only to think ‘what the heck can i bring that:
a) wont ruin my clean eating and
b) wont be seen as the ‘healthy/boring/cardboard’ option that no one wants except me?!

Introduce a new take on fondue!!

This baby is a fun addition to the dessert table and allows guests to choose how indulgent they want to be! Here, I’ve filled a platter with all kinds of fruit (more colours, the better!) with one or two segments filled with treats like chocolate and marshmallows. I filled the middle with yoghurt but feel free to mix it up with whatever you like (I’ve been told custard or Nutella would be delish).
I bought kebab sticks to this party (long toothpick sticks) so people could make their own fruit kebabs and enjoy a few squares of chocolate if they choose (most did!).
But it was a big hit and people appreciated there was a healthy and tasty option instead of high sugar/fat and low nutrition value.

Laura xx

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