O so good crispy skinned ginger soy salmon

When I was growing up the list of what I wouldn’t eat was longer than what I did. I was fussy and used to either sit at the table picking the ingredients I “didn’t like” out of the sandwich/salad/whatever my parents had lovingly prepared for me or just refused to eat it. It did my mums head it asking me to please “just try it, you might surprise yourself”. Little did she know she had a mini “foodie” on her hands and in a few short years my taste pallet would explode!
Up until only a couple of years ago I would’ve eat tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, avocado, blue cheese, hummus or salmon. I now enjoy these foods on a very regular basis (aka probably at least 2 of these everyday!). How sad my life would be if I still said no to all these glorious ingredients.

So to make up for 20 or so years of missing out, I’m on a mission to catch up on all the salmon I missed out on. Here is one of my fav ways to enjoy salamon and is super easy to make and can be mixed up with whatever veggies you have on hand.

Crispy skinned ginger soy salmon
Serves 2

250gm salmon fillet
1tbs puree ginger
2Tbs soy sauce (or coconut aminos if soy free)
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp stevia

Mix all ingredients except salmon together in a bowl.
Add salmon to bowl and coat in marinade. Leave salmon to marinate for as long as you can (this usually depends on how hungry you are)
Heat a fry pan until hot (tip: add drop of water on the pan. If it sizzles, it’s hot enough)
Add salmon to pan, skin side down (it should crackle and pop)
Add remaining marinade from bowl to flesh side of marinade while skin coats. Leave salmon on skin side for about 7-8 minutes or until middle has started to turn lighter pink. Skin should be niiiiiice and crispy. (Tip: trick to keeping this salmon super tasty is only turning it once)
Turn salmon over and cook for further 2-3 mins or until flesh has turned lighter pink.
Serve with homemade salsa, spinach or veggies of you choice. Wilted bok choy with sweet soy sauce (kekap manis) is magic with this salmon.

Laura xx

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