My Life Planner

I LOVE stationary. I always have. I remember looking forward to the start of the school year when I was younger because that meant brand new books, pens, pencil cases and new duraseal designs. If I had been a good girl over the Christmas holidays I would get to choose coloured gel pens or highlighters and I would treasure these throughout the year. I am still protective of my pens like a muma cat to her cubs!

Jane and I share a mutual love of pretty stationary. One of my first memories of Jane was only a day or two after we had started working together. She corrected one of our workmates who had asked if her pens were from Smiggle. Of course they were from Kikki K. I knew we would be good friends from that point on.

Even though I love my iPhone and always have it pretty close by I have always preferred to keep a physical diary for appointments, notes and tracking of spending/food/goals, etc. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered Erin Condren and her life planner.

These planners are part diary/ address book/ notebook/ sticker book/ motivational material while meeting my every need!! The planner itself is fully personalised, from the front cover to the month your planner starts (you can choose a 12 or 18 month planner) to the colour and content of your stickers. While it takes me a good few weeks to finalise the design I want because there are sooooo many beauties to choose from, I swear this is a book you will come to appreciate more and more everyday throughout the year. I cant tell you how many people have commented on my planner and I am so proud of it because I picked every aspect of it! I cant wait till June till I can make my next one.

Here are a couple of picks of my personal Life Planner. I chose a colourful cover made up of phases, quotes and the names of important people and things in my life. My name is in big block letters down the side and underneath I chose a wee quote I like to follow as much as possible “train like an athlete, eat like a nutritionist, sleep like a baby and perform like a champ”. The back cover is the same as the front cover but instead of my name and the wee quote, there is a photo of me at ‘goal’.


Here is a pic of the inside. I use my planner to track my food, exercise and spending. I LOVE the colourful stickers – Erin seems to have thought of everything (even mani/pedi and Girls Nights). These help me organise key events during the week and there are heaps of blank stickers to use however you like (like the two I used on Tuesday). 

Here are a few pics courtesy of the Erin Condren website, highlighting some of the other aaamizing features of this gorgeous planner. If you can, wait until June to order your planner as she brings out a new release every year with enhancements and improvements on the last version! You can also get matching note pads and coloured felt tip pens which match your planner – I KNOW. I bet you didn’t know how much you wanted a notepad with your name on it in a gorgeous font and delicious colours!!

Erin Condren, if your reading I would love a ‘Page a day’ version of this planner. I know that would make it quite a bit thicker but I think I would get a lot more out of it if i had more room to be creative and jot down workouts/recipes, etc. The column a day format can be quite restrictive but other than that, im counting down to June to design my new planner and see what enhancements she has in the pipeline.




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