20131006-120529.jpgSimple and true.

Make a plan that you can stick to for life rather than some fad diet that may help you drop a few kgs quickly.

It’s a lifestyle

1⃣   Drink more water.  Aim to drink 3L of water daily – more when you are training. Try adding lemon, cucumber, mint or other flavour variations if you are someone who struggles to drink water by itself (personally I drink water like i’ve been trapped on a desert island – But that’s just me 😉).

2⃣   Limit processed foods.   Prepare meals from scratch and limit things from a packet. It tastes better and you can pronounce all the ingredients in your meal.

3⃣   Limit (or even better remove!) sugar from your diet. This includes fruit – while it contains vital nutrients it is high in sugar, so of you are trying to lose weight, limit to 1-2 serves max a day.

4⃣   Include more veges in your day (green smoothies are a great way to do this!).  Why? Simple!  Veges are good for us!!

5⃣   Get creative and enjoy your food! Try new variations of flavours and mix it up so you are never bored 🙂

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