I’ll have a soda and lime please, hold the vodka

Yes, that’s right, a break from alcohol. A 3 month break to be precise – well it was at the end of March.


This is the point where most people offer their 2 cents.  The usual responses are to both extremes, such as “OMG, how can you not drink for 3 monthhhhhhssss?!?!!?!?!”, “Are you on some crazy diet” or the “That’s no big deal, I personally don’t drink much anyway” and a whole lot somewhere in between.

Regardless, everyone usually has an opinion on drinking, or my lack of it. Not to say it has been negative, far from it. More just the fact that we live in a society where drinking does play a huge part of the social (and corporate job) scene for most 20-somethings, so to not drink for a significant amount of time usually sparks an interest, or at least a topic of conversation.

Even if you aren’t someone who drinks much, most people do find themselves having at least a few drinks within a 3 month period – so it is an interesting experiment to give a try.

So why did I choose to not drink for 3 months?  Well there’s the usual reasons, feel healthier, lose weight, save money, performance at crossfit, but, the main reason was actually to see if I could!  I mean I knew I could (did I?!  I thought I could…), so this was almost just to say to myself, “Yup, no big deal, I can not drink for 3 months”.

All of that said and done, what have I personally found over the past 3 months of not drinking? Did it really make me healthier, lose weight, save money etc…..?

Well, I didn’t lose weight, save money or notice a difference in performance at crossfit (sad huh!).

What I did notice is I was MUCH more productive on my weekends and found myself finding new things to do with all the additional time I had. See, thing is for me, I wake up around 5am during the week so when I’m not out till the wee hours of the morning (or even on the few times I was without drinking) I wake up about 6/7am and that is a huge sleep in. I then have SO much time for activities! All the activities! Time with friends brunching and lunching, finding new adventurous places to walk the dog, more time to muck around at the gym etc. And, plenty of time for afternoon naps!

Since not drinking I have had 2 massive nights out (celebrating certain events). The Sundays after these were complete write offs. Completely unable to function. Well, not very well. And, by training on the Monday/Tuesday I was still feeling it! Argh…

So, whilst I set out with maybe different expectations of what may come out of not drinking for a while, it was a worthwhile exercise and I learnt that:
1. I can do it (phew, not a complete alcoholic and reminded me how much self control than I can have)
2. Some people you only see in situations over an alcoholic beverage and not drinking for a while makes you realise who these people are (and who will make the effort regardless)
3. So much time for activities when you are up bright and early in the weekends 🙂

Have you ever chosen to forgo alcohol for a period of time? Why, and what did you notice/learn- if anything?! Would be keen to hear from you!