Cauliflower base pizza

Friday night favourite – Pizza!!  Everyone loves pizza right!?  Mmm…. So here is a recipe for a cauliflower based pizza that is sure to please even the gluten eaters in your life 🙂


  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 1 egg
  • 1 TBSP coconut flour (optional)
  • Seasonings for the base, eg: garlic, oregano, basil, salt and pepper
  • Tomato paste (from the supermarket, or make your own)
  • Toppings of your choice

What you need to do:

1. Cut up cauliflower and ‘zizz’ (yes that is the technical word) in the blender till it looks like cauliflower snow.


Zizzing up the cauli

2. Cook cauliflower in microwave for approx 8 mins.

3. Place cauliflower in freezer for 5-10mins to cool.

4. Get a tea towel and wring the sh*t out of the cauliflower (hence it has to be cooled or you will burn your hands!).


Wring the excess water out of the caluliflower

5. Mix cauliflower, egg, coconut flour and seasonings in a bowl.  I used garlic, salt and pepper, oregano and had fresh basil on hand so chopped it up and added it to the mixture.  Oh, I also threw in some parmesan. Pretty much free reign on what you want to add at this stage – experiment and see what you like.

6. Once all ingredients are combined, place onto greased baking paper and rollout into pizza shape.


Cauli base starting to look good

7. Bake at 160 degrees for 10-15mins or till golden.

8. Prepare your toppings while the base is cooking.  I did a half and half pizza of chicken, avo, capsium and margarita-ish (cheese, tomato, ham and basil).  Totally up to you what you want to do with yours 🙂


Nom nom nom, get those toppings ready to go



Out of the oven and ready for some topping-love

9. Smother the base with tomato paste (I used store brought as I was being lazy) and your toppings.


Almost ready….

10. Cook for another 5-10 mins, or until cheese has melted.


DONE! Get in my belly!

11. Serve and enjoy!!


The end result – YUM!


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