Challenge Accepted

If you know Jane and I you know you hear us before you see us. So lately we have been uncharacteristically quiet on the blog front.
It is not because we have forgotten about Kettlebells and Cookies…far from it! We talk about our baby blog everyday and all the ideas we have for recipes, workouts and ideas for general healthy living related posts. But we have been busy! In a good, productive, ‘getting sh!t done’ busy. Settling into new jobs and adjusting to new training programs, catching up with puppies and with family from around the world and formulating new goals and plans (along with cute stationary) for the next wee while. But at the end of that day we created this blog to share our healthy living bits and bobs and keep ourselves accountable and we haven’t been doing much of either of those of late.

Sooo we have set ourselves a wee challenge for the next 30 days where we will write a post a day on a given topic. I hope this way you get to know us a little better and we seem more like the Jane and Laura you meet in person (talking, laughing and ‘ohhh my gosh’ing on about this and that).

Please let us know in the comments if there is anything in particular you would like us to post about. We love all your comments and feedback is ways welcome xx

Buenos noches ninos, ciao.

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