20 facts about me – Jane

You may have seen yesterday that Laura posted about the 30 day blog challenge we are about to start.  The challenge consists of us doing a quick post and we have a list of prompts for the topic each day.  We wanted to do this for a few reasons:

1. To get us both in the habit of doing regular posts.  We have so many ideas and things to talk about but since starting the blog we have yet to be consistent in putting pen to paper, or erm, fingers to keyboard (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it?!). I used to blog regularly and found it a good way to make new friends (hi Leah and Amanda!), interests and learn heaps of new things. I’m all about expanding perspectives!

2. So you can get to know us both a bit better if you aren’t friends with us IRL (that’s In Real Life) and maybe learn a few bits and bobs about us you may not have known.  Then our rants and rambles will make a whole lot more sense… well, maybe 😉

3. Not sure why else. But I couldn’t have a list with just 2 points.

Few caveats before I start the challenge (speaking for myself here and not Laura).  I will post when and if I feel like it – I may choose not to post for a day because I don’t like the topic for the day, or, I just can’t be bothered. I also may go wildly off topic and choose to talk about whatever I wish that is mildly or not-even-at-all related.  It’s my blog and you are here reading, so really I can do whatever I want, ha.  Also, I can’t promise any of these posts will be particularly interesting, but who knows what will happen (did I mention the rambling above?! yea.. you get the picture).

So, with that stellar sales pitch, today’s challenge:

20 facts about me:

  1. I was born in 1985 (making me currently 28 – I don’t know if that makes me old or young, depends on perspective.  But it’s a number).
  2. I am a natural red head.
  3. I am a Leo.
  4. I did harriers for many years (cross country running – yes, hard to believe for those of you that know my dislike for running now).
  5. I have one sibling – a younger sister, Katie.
  6. Six is my lucky number (no idea why, just always has been).
  7. I first travelled to Australia when I was 16 (having already been to the US, Fiji and Rarotonga).
  8. I studied Finance and Economics at University.
  9. I was 17 when I attended University (although I think a lot of people did, didn’t they?).
  10. I learnt to ski when I was 3.
  11. I love animals and have always had pets (most of you know one of my favourite things to do is borrow my sister’s dog Willow the spoodle and, yes, she has her own facebook page).
  12. I was a competitive swimmer till I was 19, swimming 7-10km a session (8-11 pool sessions a week).  Now I get bored swimming more than 1km..(ever…).
  13. My dad died when I was 16 (not to get all morbid and sad here..).
  14. I’m a bit of a neat freak.
  15. I love stationary. Helloooooooo Kikki k.
  16. I own far too much lululemon for a person who doesn’t work in the fitness industry (at last count I have around 20 lulu tops – don’t judge me!).
  17. I’m a morning person.  Yup, I am one of those annoying bounce-off-the-walls in the morning type people. Flip side? I get grumpy and tired at night. You have been warned.
  18. I’m a wee bit competitive (with others and myself..).
  19. I can often find it hard to contain my excitement/enthusiasm.
  20. I have a very short attention span (not a good movie buddy – can rarely concentrate to the end).
This pretty much sums me up...

This pretty much sums me up…


Day 2 complete. Easy – I totally got this.

Jane 🙂


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