Laura’s Dream Job

Day 4 of our blogging challenge asks me to describe my dream job. So here we go…

First up, I love my current job!

I feel like I learn something new about banking, agile development or business analysis practices everyday. I work with a team of total rockstars who are a heck of a lot of fun! However if I won lotto and could be my own boss then this is what I would do…

Kettlebells and Cookies Cafe

Kettlebells and Cookies Cafe

My dream job would be to open a cafe focused on fresh and nutritious real food.

I would experiment frequently to create new muffins, slices, scones and various other treats and have freebie tasters on the counter everyday for you my lovely customers.

You would get discounts for wearing lulu lemon or flashing your gym pass.

You would have free wifi and access to purpose-built meeting areas to work off site in a relaxed, comfortable location.

You can join a run group or cycle bunch which leaves from and returns to Kettlebells and Cookies cafe for post run/ride recharge.

You could order bulletproof coffee, good green stuff shots, chia pudding and overnight oats with an array of toppings and flavors.

You could freely pick and choose and mix and match pieces from the menu to create your own personalised yummies. If you love it we will add it to the special menu for our customers favourites and name it after you (i.e Jane’s jamming chicken, Richard’s rocking salad).

You could choose your favourite KTea tea to enjoy freshly brewed – and I’m sure Miss Katie wouldn’t mind popping in to give us some hints and tips to make the perfect cuppa.

I would hold regular cooking classes and demonstrations to showcase local produce and foodies.

That would be my dream job. Now to buy a lotto ticket…fingers crossed!

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