Taking time to unwind

Busy week at work combined with a big training week meant today’s rest (from training) day couldn’t come soon enough.

Tonight Laura and I planned to go to yin yoga… But unfortunately when we arrived the class was full 😦 The lady was LOVELY and gave everyone who missed out a free guest pass (free class) for another session.

As we both had in mind the plan to relax and unwind, we decided to get a massage at the little Asian place on Cuba that my flatmate introduced me to- have you ever tried it? If not you really should, no appointments necessary, great for busy people 🙂

Some of them don’t speak much English and it’s no East Day Spa but they sure know how to find the sore bits and make them magically better!They asked if we were ok sharing a room to which Laura quickly replied “yes that’s fine” (in my head I was like, oh yea I guess that’s ok, I mean you are face down on the table). I think the ladies may have wondered if we were friends or moooore than friends- we let them wonder, haha! 😉

The massage was wonderful despite the wee bit of giggling from my lady telling me “oh, so tight, what you dooooooo” hahaha!

Now I am well and truly ready for a super early night (this is how you become a morning person FYI) and yay for Friday tomorrow 🙂

What do you do to unwind after or during a busy week? Do you get regular massages? I try to get one once a fortnight if I have the time and it is bliss 🙂


Early to bed, early to rise… helps you lift all the weight 😉

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