June 2014 – Jane’s 5 current goals

Anyone who knows me knows I am pretty big on goal setting and putting plans in place to make things happen. A goal is only a goal with a plan, otherwise it is just a wish…. (I think people forget this sometimes).

My current goals with a bit about how I plan to achieve them are:

  1. 100kg back squat: I don’t think this is too far away. I haven’t tested my 1RM (1 rep max) in a while, but I did a 92.5kg at the bad ass comp the other weekend and it was ok, so fingers crossed.
    Plans in place to make this happen? My current training programme should cover this. I think we have testing coming up soon, so watch this space (hopefully!).
  2. Get promoted to manager at work.  I should know in a few weeks (eep, don’t jinx it!) whether I got it this performance round.  The work has already been done to make this happen. It’s been a busy year working hard to achieve this (and if not this performance round, then definitely next, ok, stop talking about this now).
  3. Ring muscle up – major work in progress. Being realistic I would like 1 consistently by the open next year. Ie: hope I can get to them in the open and get ONE!
    Plans in place to get this: currently working on drills at least 3 times a week. Will reassess in a few months if not enough progress.

    This is my phone background at the moment:


    Motivation pic 🙂

  4. Lose 5 (ish) kgs.
    Why? To make gymnastics easier – help me with goal number 3 🙂
    I don’t often like having weight loss  as a goal as I personally think as long as your performance is fine and you are happy with how you look (give or take, is anyone ever reeeeally happy?! Ha, be realistic here people), weight isn’t a good indicator for being healthy and fit (ie: do you want to be a certain weight, or a certain size? Weight doesn’t equate to size… Blah blah, I will save this for another post…). Buttttt, what I am trying to get at is when I am a few kgs lighter I definitely find gymnasty/body weight exercises easier. The key thing here is lose fat and maintain strength. Slowly, slowly.
    How? Nutrition, 100%. Healthy nutritious food in the right proportions. When I get my nutrition spot on I can drop weight easily. I just need to do it. So that is happening. Preparation for the win! At the bad ass comp (a week ago) I weighed in at 81.1kg (eep! No judging please!) this morning I was 79.8. It’s small, but it was easy. Totally maintainable. Just need to keep going. At the moment I’m tracking my macros and have upped my carbs (heeeeaps!) as I am currently on a strength cycle. Eating soooooo much food! Seriously, little piglet at the moment. Eat big, lift big, yea!
  5. Ring or visit my grandma once a week.
    My grandma is 94 and is a total sweetie (aren’t everyone’s grandparents?!). She lives up a MASSIVE steep path (read, I get puffed going up it!!) by herself and actually has the busiest social life of anyone I know.
    She’s my last living grandparent so I need to make the effort to go and see her or just give her a call (and hear about her busy life!).
    How am I going to do this? Set up a reminder in my calendar for every Sunday to see her or give her a call 🙂

What are your current goals?  Do you have plans in place to make them happen?

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