What’s in Laura’s Bag

I’m lucky enough to live with one of the coaches from my crossfit gym (crossfit central wellington) so most mornings I get a ride to the 6.30am class with her. This is awesome because I don’t need to pay the horrendous prices for parking in the city during the day and I get my workout done and dusted for the day by 8am.
On days I don’t work out in the morning I run the 4km into work and complete my run session at night.

Most of my workmates reactions are “you are a hard out/crazy/ etc” when I run into the building with a backpack and fluro jacket. But running to work saves me money, gets me puffed and only takes 22mins!!
With a little bit of organization, it is very easy and probably quicker than driving in peak hour traffic to get yourself to work.
Here is what I have in my bag and at work to allow me to run to/from the office:
Locker Supplies
I do not carry everything I need every morning – this would make the run a lot more difficult and I’d feel like a turtle with my house on my back! We are lucky at work to have lockers in the bathroom to store things so these are the things I store at work on a permeant basis:
– towel (gets changed weekly)
– shower stuff and toilettes
– shoes (I pretty much wear the same shoes everyday. They are comfy and flat and my poor broken archils don’t care for heels. I’m tall enough haha)
– cardigans/ blazers
– make up (my make up routine consists of the absolute essentials, about 4 things)
– hair brush
At my old job we didn’t have lockers in the showers so I dried my towel on the back of my chair. Gross? I didn’t care but I’m sure my poor work mates did. Lucky I shared a pod with jane and wasn’t at the office too often.

What I Carry
This is what I carry everyday:
– wallet and keys
– work clothes and underwares (I pretty much stick to dresses for work so then I don’t need to worry about matching tops with bottoms the night before
– breakfast and lunch (by far the heaviest thing I carry)
– building swipe button
– clean top to run in after work
– diary (not the “dear diary” kind…this is just a book I jot crossfit workouts, runs, recipe ideas, to dos, etc in)

So that’s what’s in my bag (and locker). What are you necessities you carry with you or wee hints and tips to make your commute easier?

6 thoughts on “What’s in Laura’s Bag

  1. Nicola @ Eat Well NZ says:

    Great post. I’m trying to walk to work at the moment, but I’ve been running/walking because walking just takes too long and I get bored with it!! I felt a bit silly running with my backpack on but you’ve inspired me to actually run the whole way to work! I just need to keep a few supplies at work and it won’t be that hard – especially if I leave my work shoes at work.

    • ltopp says:

      Way to go Nicola!! Yea, totally agree with running. I find I still get a bit sweaty what I walk so I may as well get real sweaty and get there quicker. Check out of Instagram for lots of silly pics of me running with backpacks and walking around town in snesses/snirts 🙂
      Would you be interested in a post about different breakfast options you can eat on the go or prepare at work?

    • ltopp says:

      Yep we do, I’m very lucky. We even have hair dryers and straighteners. It’s soooo ideal! Could you shower at a gym or pool (if you are a member) nearby your offices?

  2. Hann says:

    This is really helpful, I am starting to walk/run to work. What do you eat for breakfast that is easy to prepare before you leave for work?

    • ltopp says:

      Every morning I have boiled eggs, spinach and kumara (and just steam in the microwave at work) but if you want a quick breaky on the go try some frattatas in muffin tins with veggies or overnight oats (google and you’ll find heeeeaps of recipes!). Hope that helps 🙂

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