How to be a morning person

Now, before you get all ‘I’ll never be a morning person’ – sometimes life gets hectic and there are occasions when we have to get up before the birds are even singing.  This may be for work, a holiday (mmm, that would be nice) or to get some exercise in before work as you have something planned that night (see what I did there – not an excuse not to workout!).

As I have mentioned I am a bit of a fan of early mornings, there is something about getting sh*t done before people are even awake that I really like.  Anyway, I’m not here to convert you, merely help with those times when you HAVE to make yourself a morning person. Keeping in mind once upon a time I’m sure I didn’t like getting up ridiculously early either.  Can you imagine a teenager *jumping* out of bed every morning at 5am to go swimming? Yea, there were the fair share of mornings when mum had to come into my room and say “Jane, are you getting up?” – am I right mum?  I would like to think I was pretty good at it most of the time, but hey, that’s going back a while now, so my memory is a bit hazey 🙂

So here are some tips to help you get up when you would rather stay cosy in bed:

1. Go to bed early.  Simple right? Seriously though, if you have any hope of getting up early you need to get into the habit of being in bed much earlier. The first few times it may be hard, but create an evening routine if you need to help you unwind. This may be a cup of tea followed by a nice warm shower or bath.  Find what works for you.

2. Prepare/pack everything you can the night before. This is a biggie. If everything is ready to go, you won’t lie there half asleep trying to ponder what you may need for the day.  Personally I pack my gym bag, have my gym clothes laid out and then have my lunch and breakfast in the fridge ready to go so I can grab it just before I walk out the door.  Knowing that everything is ready to go makes it much easier to get up.

3. Plan your ‘most fun’ things to do first. Depending on what your day has in store this may not always be possible. But, where you can start your day with something you look forward to. For me this is going to crossfit to do an awesome workout and hang out with some pretty fun people. Maybe for you it’s building in time (even 5 mins) to do a bit of yoga if that’s what you enjoy, or maybe it’s knowing that on your way to your crazy early meeting you can stop at your favourite cafe and get your favourite coffee.  If you wake up to something you are looking forward to it will make the early start much more bearable.  Think about little kids at Christmas – somehow they always manage to wake up at the crack of dawn!

4. Put your alarm across the room, and, NEVER hit snooze! Plain and simple. Snooze is never going to help you, it’s dragging out the inevitable. Why not set your alarm for later and get up exactly when you would normally snooze to?! Do you ever feel better getting up after snoozing? (I’ve never hit snooze in my life so I don’t really get it – can someone explain it to me maybe?).  But, for early morning wake ups – just trust me, don’t do it.

5. Have a large glass of water by your bed for when you wake up. Some people find that having a glass of water by their bed and drinking as soon as their alarm goes off wakes them up and helps them feel refreshed and ready for the day.  Try it and see if it works for you.

6. Be proud rather than devastated. Celebrate the wins! Even if it’s giving yourself a bit of a pat on the back (figuratively) that you did it. A bit cheesy I know, but hey, if you make yourself feel good about it and make it a positive experience you will be more likely to want to do it again next time.



Are you a morning person?  If not how do you make yourself get up early when you have to?

Jane x


4 thoughts on “How to be a morning person

    • ltopp says:

      Haha Karen my cat has done that too and knocked the glass over. Needless to say we both got a fright!! Maybe keep your water in a drink bottle?

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