It’s 3am I must be … Awake

I love sleep. I love everything about it! I love lying in bed shattered from a day full of fun, productivity, sweaty exercise and tasty food. I love going to bed with heavy eyes and ready to welcome sleep with open arms (or in the fetal position or on my tummy…I don’t really have a go to sleeping position). I love waking up refreshed and ready to bounce outa bed to kick start the day (or at least start the day without snoozing 26 times).
When I eat well, exercise regularly and get to bed early enough, deep delicious rejuvenating sleep is easy for me.
But for the last few weeks this kind of delectable dozing has eluded me. I’ve switched my routine up a little so I now wake up an hour and a bit earlier than I used to. But…I find I can’t drift off to sleep as easily as I used to going to bed an hour and a bit earlier!
I lie awake thinking about eeeverything. I read. I write lists. I research places to visit in NY. I research “how to run a marathon” and “what not to do in your first marathon”. I google “long brown haircuts with fringes” and “coral bridesmaid dresses” and most of all I lie there thinking about how I better fall asleep quick smart because I need to wake up in 7.5…7…6.5…hours.
If I do fall asleep easily I have found myself wide awake at 2am or 3am! The last has gone like this…

[eyes snap open] I’m awake!! I’ll just check my phone to see the time.
[check phone] shit that backlight is bright….ooooo text from jane after I went to sleep! what’d she say, I bet it can’t wait till I see her in a few hours.
[read text] yup that could’ve waited till morning but while I’m up I’ll just quiiiickly check that tiny wee red bubble on the Facebook app
[check Facebook] ooo look at all these fun things happening on the other side of the world…like that pic, like, likey, like! Ooo Leah’s chatting to me
[open message from leah] LAURA WHAT THE FUDGE ARE YOU DOING UP?!! Get back to sleep!!!
[close Facebook] ok come at me sleep, I am ready!! … Hmmm what do I need to do today…

This week I switched to training at night which I really enjoyed (a change is as good as a holiday right!) but this didn’t do anything to help these silly, unhealthy sleeping habits I have picked up over the last few weeks.
So! This week I can going to nip these erratic sleep patterns in the bud! I’m going to reduce the use of electronics throughout the day and shut them off completely by 8.30pm! If I wake up during the night, I’m not going to check the time (how is knowing the time helpful anyway) and will listen to my body to decide if I train in the morning or night. Watch this space team, you might not hear a lot of me this week but hopefully I’ll be dreaming of you instead of chatting to you on Facebook xxx L

One thought on “It’s 3am I must be … Awake

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