Progress update – July 2014

Kettlebells and Cookies was created out of our love and passion for all things food, fitness and fashion related. We post things we find motivating, inspiring, delicious and funny. But ultimately it is a safe place for Jane and I to share our goals, our struggles and our approaches to try balance lives as young professionals in this pretty hectic world.

So I thought it’s about time to update you on my two big goals for 2014:
– to run the New York marathon in November this year and
– feel confident and comfortable in a bikini in the Caribbean after New York.
Here is a comparison of me from Feb to June this year.

Things that changed between Feb and June
I changed jobs: I started a new job in the middle of Feb this year. I’ve gone from driving to and from home doorstep to office everyday to now running/walking the 4km to/ from my new office each day. There is less travel in my new job which equals more time for sleeping, exercising, experimenting in the kitchen and hanging with loved ones. I generally have more time to invest in other areas of my life to find a better work life balance.

I started back at Crossfit properly: When I started crossfit in September last year I was pretty haphazard, going 2 or 3 times a week but cherry picked my classes (picked classes based on the workout to suit my strengths/skip classes with my weaknesses). In about March this year I started back at CCW with a fresh outlook and no expectations on myself. I went 4-5 times a week no matter the workout and have improved my strengths and my weaknesses! I have made an amazing group of friends at the gym who push you and support you and bring out the best in you when you think you have nothing left. I will continue to do crossfit to compliment my marathon training as long as possible but I know consistently lifting wights, rowing, jumping and even handstands will help me on marathon day and has helped me towards both my goals over the last 5 months.

i started marathon training: In June this year I kicked off my 20 week marathon program. I was running 3 times a week but to begin with most of the runs were less than 30 mins so I was able to continue with crossfit 4 times a week. Now I’ve added another run to my schedule and I am listening to my body week by week to see how many crossfit classes I do a week. Last week I was sick so didn’t do any crossfit classes and only 3 runs. I need to remember I have to get through the next 16 weeks healthy and uninjured so keep focused on the big picture.

I stopped being so hard on myself Pretty self explanatory but I stopped comparing myself to others at the gym or my run times to my previous times from 2-3 years ago. And since then everything became a lot more fun!

Things I’m still working on
Food: I’m continually tweeting my diet (another post on this to come). I haven’t found what is right for me and to be honest I got a little lost in all the conflicting fad information out there – eat high fat, eat low fat, detox, snack, dont snack, don’t eat gluten, eat whole grains! I ended up doing some weird hybrid of all of those and not knowing or listening to what my body needs. I dont know if what I’m doing now will be the perfect solution for me but it will be a heck of a lot better than trying bits and pieces of everything, putting my body through stress of not knowing when or what the next meal will be. I stick to unpackaged, unprocessed, clean food and Im all for being organised, prepped and planned but what I was doing was prepping and organising myself for the no plan plan.
I very happy with the balanced diet I am running with at the moment so watch this space for another nutrition update soon.

So that’s a quick update on what I have been up to over the last 5 months. I’m happy with the progress I have made towards my goals and can’t wait to see what I can achieve over the next 16 weeks! Watch this space for the next update towards my goals.
Laura xx

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