Surprise Surprise!

Running Toys


I have a lot of running toys. 

I usually run with my phone or iPod for music, my Garmin watch for pace/heart rate/cals/cadence/etc and wear a fitbit everyday to track my steps. I love nerding out over all the data these beauties pump out on a daily basis. I love analysing my pace, distance and times to see my progress and putting together a playlist i know will get me through a tough session. My girl Naturally Leah knows what I’m talking about! 

But tonight I simply laced up my shoes and ran. I listened to my breath with ease (instead of completely ignoring it) and was surprised to hear long, low, steady breathes. After a bit it felt natural to kick it up a notch. Tonight I didn’t have a Nike ‘coach’ whisper my current pace and time in my ear every kilometre. Tonight I wasn’t focused on how fast/slow I was running and mentally ranking this run against others and letting the rank dictate my mood before I was anywhere near finished. Tonight I had a clear head and just ran. Tonight I ran the fastest 5km in 3 years.

2 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise!

  1. Dale says:

    I always run with no fancy equipment. I used to always run with music but now I run listening to nature and my own motivation. Also I think its safer, you can hear everything going on around you, cars coming, people coming from behind you and because I almost always run with my dogs its easier to keep them out of trouble. I now find music distracting… I love to just run and think. Its my me time, away from my kids or work, a reflective time of the day 🙂

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