Morning Motivators – why that morning workout is good for you in more ways than you may think

You may have read my post earlier on “How to be a morning person” and scoffed that you will never be a morning person and couldn’t dream of getting up before the sun is up.  Well, as a bit of a fan of early mornings, I thought you may find it interesting to learn why you may want to become a morning exerciser and the benefits it has over and above the calorie burn.


1. No excuses – the workout will actually happen! 

How many afternoon or evening workouts get cut short or don’t happen due to phone calls, deadlines, meetings running late or family commitments? Quite a few I bet! Working out in the morning means it’s done, and can’t be interrupted later by things popping up.  This also builds routine and consistency – great if you are someone who finds that ‘life always gets in the way’.


2. Make better food choices

Morning training sessions make it easier to say no to all those naughty foods at the office morning tea as you don’t want to undo all that hard work you put in that morning! Also after a workout your body usually craves nutritionally dense food as opposed to muffins and other sweet treats.


3. Start your day off on a positive 

Working out first thing means you’ll not only feel great all day knowing your workout is done and dusted, you will be more relaxed too.  You have got up and done something that is completely for you and no meeting or deadline can interrupt that.  You also get the rush of endorphins (aka warm fuzzies) that make you a nicer person to be around 🙂 (or is that just me?!).


4. Beat rush-hour at the gym

I don’t know if it is the same at your gym, but at crossfit the morning is definitely quieter than the evening classes (don’t get me wrong there are some SUPER dedicated regulars who are at the 5.30am class come rain, hail or shine!).  This means you usually get your pick of the equipment and where you want to workout.

**The early bird catches the best lifting platform**


(or treadmill or other piece of fav workout gear).


5. Be more productive at work.

It’s funny as people always ask me if I get “tired” from getting up early to do my morning training session. The funny thing is, I am more tired on the days I sleep in and don’t go (eg: rest days).  Exercise increases mental activity for the rest of the day, actually making you more productive at work. Get up, workout and get those brain juices flowing!


What gets you exercising in the morning?

What gets you exercising in the morning?


6.  Feel on top of things from the start of the day! 

Getting your workout done first thing is one less thing you have to factor into your busy schedule and is essentially a “to-do” you have already ticked off.  Knowing that no matter what pops up throughout your day, you have already got your workout done with leaves you with a sense of accomplishment.  That and being one step ahead of others while they fumble around finding their first coffee and figuring out what is on the agenda for the day.


Are you a morning exerciser?  Can you relate to these?  What other benefits are there that I haven’t covered off?

Jane xx

4 thoughts on “Morning Motivators – why that morning workout is good for you in more ways than you may think

    • ltopp says:

      Ooo I know you can do it! It definitely takes a little adapting and organization in the beginning but then it’s second nature and you get up and go without thinking about it.
      Let us know how you get on 🙂

  1. justalittlebitblog says:

    I have been a morning exerciser for the past 20 years and couldn’t do it any other way. The ironic thing is that I am in no way a “morning person.” I hate getting up and am a big grump in the morning. But that is why it works for me. I love the quiet time I have in the morning. My husband is a personal trainer and leaves the house at ungodly hour,s so I work out at home while my kids sleep. That quiet hour when I am free to focus on myself is a wonderful time of day for me. By the time my kids wake up, I have worked off my grouchiness and am ready to get my day underway with a smile.

  2. sobersimplicity says:

    I actually am a morning person and I began waking up at 5am to get to the gym before work. It was wonderful at first but after a few weeks I began to become too fatigued as the day went on– mostly if I lifted weights heavily in the daytime. It was always great to get the workout out of the way but by 3pm I would be completely zonkered. It sucks that I couldn’t keep it up at that level indefinitely.

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