September Squat Challenge

The first day of spring is here and the sun is starting to make an appearance.  With not long till summer we thought a squat challenge would be a great way to get ready for bikinis and short shorts! (YUSSSS!).

Following on from the hugely successful Junk Food Free August the challenge for this month is aptly named the ‘Squat September’ challenge.  We want to carry on the good work from the August challenge (nope, don’t get into that pack of chocolate just yet) and add to it with some exercise.  If you weren’t part of our August challenge, that’s ok, you can join in now and clean up your eating – check out the post about it to see what we got up to!

The below schedule has a rep scheme for you to do over the month, with one full rest day per week.


Note:  this won’t be possible for everyone (it is a lot of reps!) so please listen to your body and know what you are capable of 🙂  The below has a list of some guidelines for the challenge, so have a read and do what works for you!  Yes, we want it to be challenging, but we also want it to be achievable!



Also if you haven’t already, make sure to join ‘Team Kettlebells and Cookies’ and be part of a closed group that’s full of support, motivation and suggestions on how to smash this challenge and make it work for you 🙂


Good luck guys and girls – keep us up to date with your progress!


Jane and Laura xx

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