Goals review

In June I posted some goals I was working towards and thought it was about time for an update (and to re-look and reset for some I know I haven’t quite achieved yet).

goals tick

1. Get a 100kg back squat.  Achieved.
I got this about a month or so ago (and then not related have had a sore knee so haven’t squatted heavy pretty much since! Knee is now on the mend and big volume squats start again this week.  Bring on 10x10s! 🙂 ). Bonus – I am starting to enjoy squats! (they have always been my weakness since starting crossfit – go legs go!).

2. Get promoted to Manager at work.  Not yet…
I was a bit hesistant about posting an update about this as I was pretty sure I was going to get it last round (June), but some things aren’t always completely in your control despite how hard you work. As was pointed out I had only been in my current position for 6 months and a year is usually the norm. Anyway, I should get it in November and that will be that.  Moving on.

3. Get a ring muscle up.  Work in progress 🙂
This was always going to be a longer term goal.  Ultimately I want one consistently by the Crossfit Open (March) so I have a bit of time. That said, I still want it NOW! Haha. I have skills in my programme 3 times a week and you can bet this is number 1 on the skills roster to practice.

4. Lose 5ish kg. Achieved.
As I said in my goals post I don’t like to focus toooooo much on weight, but I think as females we naturally look at the number on the scales and some let it define our mood way too much (mental game anyone?!). Anyway, as of a few weeks ago I was 5kg down. It was pretty easy, we all know consistency is the key here. I have become pretty aware of my nutrition and aside from a few minor incidents with the marshmallow jar (LOL!) have been tracking everything and the weight easily came off. For me the biggest change was being aware of my protein intake and keeping it around 160-180g a day.  I wrote more about my nutrition and tracking my macros here.

5. Ring grandma every week. Achieved.
I was a bit slack at this to start actually!  Then I re-read my goals and upped my game!  My aunty is away for 6 weeks and she is usually very good at keeping in touch with grandma if Katie and I are not.  With her away it is now our job (that sounds bad) to check grandma is ok and to do some shopping for her each week.  Being 94, almost blind and living by herself up a HUGE path, she does very well but can’t do everything herself so it is important we keep in touch.

Funny story actually. On Friday I was in the office and get a call to my cellphone. I look down and it is my grandma ringing!!! I didn’t even know she knew what a cellphone was let alone what my number was and how to dial it!!! Anyway, I answer (very shocked “how on earth did you call me?!!”) and she is ringing to give me her grocery list.  I go into a meeting room at work and she reads it out.  It goes something like this:

– 2 carrots

– 4 brown mushrooms

– a few grapes…

etc – you get the jist.  She then carries on having a grand ole chat about the political debate on tv last night and everything else in the world (all the while I’m like “Yes grandma I will see you tomorrow and we can chat, uh huh, ok… i reeeeeally have to do some work now”).  When I finally get off the phone to her, someone asks “Was that your grandma?” – turns out our new meeting rooms aren’t very sound proof and everyone heard the conversation.  Hahaha! Looking forward to this Friday’s call with the shopping list too! 😛

So there it is, updates on my goals since June.  I have a few more goals now I am working towards, but will get them up in a separate post.

Do you track your goals?  How often do you review and reset them if required? 

Jane xx

2 thoughts on “Goals review

    • Jane R says:

      So cute huh! I can’t ever imagine being that organised to know that I will eat 4 mushrooms in a week. Must take that long to get it down to a fine art 😉

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