Motivating Monday – Katie Robertson, co-owner of Functional Results Fitness

Next in our series of “Motivation Monday” we have Katie Robertson. Katie is co- owner of Functional Results Fitness in Lyall Bay, Wellington – aka, Crossfit FRF. (check them out here Kettlebells and Cookies wanted to find out what it is like to run your own gym and what she loves most about her job. Take it away Katie..


Tell us a bit about yourself….
Hmmm well where to start? Well I am 23 years old and was born and have lived in Wellington my whole life. I also have a little doggy called Willow. I am the co-owner of Crossfit FRF in Lyall Bay Wellington. Being the owner of a box (gym) means I have to live my life a little different to other 23 year olds. Up at 5am everyday and home at 8pm. Earning little to no income and living with my very supportive mum 🙂 If you know me I am very silly and maybe even a little crazy at times! Since opening my gym my whole life has revolved around CrossFit. To be honest I love it that way! I love the lifestyle and community.

What did you do prior to opening Crossfit FRF?
I studied a diploma of Exercise Prescription at The New Zealand institute of Sport in Wellington. I loved every minute of my study there! From there I got my first job in a small health club inside a Hotel. One if the best parts about this job was the numerous amounts of rugby teams that stayed there!  From there I wanted more of a challenge and to be pushed outside of my comfort zone and I looked for bigger things and this is where I found City Fitness. I applied for a job and started working a s a full time personal trainer 1 week later. While being a personal trainer at City Fitness the company opened up a CrossFit gym and this was when I started doing CrossFit (Feb 2013).

When/what made you decide to open your own gym?
One day on my way to gymnastics training (yes it’s a thing) my friend Gerard who is now my business partner suggested to me that we should open a box together. At the time I thought yeah that would be cool but it will never happen!

5 Months later….We opened our doors! One of the things that motivated me to open my own gym was having the freedom to really change peoples lives and being able to control that. Not having to answer to anyone and use my own style of training.


Have you always been interested in sports and keeping fit?
Throughout my school years I was always interested in sport. I was a competitive swimmer in school and also did other sports including surf lifesaving and water polo. When I was studying sport and exercise took a small step back as I focused on study and of course living the student lifestyle! Once I finished my diploma I got right back into fitness and getting myself living a healthy lifestyle.

What are the most interesting and fun parts of running your own gym?
One of the best parts I would have to say is to see people getting results and being able to assist them in changing their lives! Everyday I see my members working so hard and to be able to see them “getting gains” is amazing! The CrossFit community we have here is awesome, everyone here is so supportive in and out of the gym. The members at my gym aren’t just people in the door who come for a workout! They are my friends and family. I’m so lucky to be able to have a job like this!


And, are there any things you don’t like so much?
If I had to say something…..sometimes the early mornings and late nights aren’t the best. Also cleaning the gym. It’s awesome we have such a big and open space, but it takes a while to get around with the mop.

How did you discover Crossfit?
I was first introduced to crossfit a few years back when I participated in a charity Fight gone bad event. Then while I was working at city fitness as a personal trainer they opened a CrossFit. My friend Gerard and now business partner was the head coach who ran the CrossFit. After participating in the classes for a while I went away to do my level one certification and became a CrossFit coach. After that there was no looking back, I fell in love with CrossFit. Being able to do things I would never imagine and looking and feeling the best I ever have!

How do you explain what Crossfit is to people who have no idea what it is (and may see videos on you tube etc of crazy looking exercises!)?
Think about it like you do a wide range of exercises ranging from body weight movements like pull ups and squats to olympic lifting and cardio! Then think of it like a sport… want to be able to do all the exercises well and be able to do them fast! CrossFit is designed to be done at high intensity and intensity is where you get results!

What would you say to people who are interested in trying out Crossfit, but are scared/think it’s not for them/too hard etc?
Everyone had to start somewhere. Even the fittest woman on earth had to try her first CrossFit class before she knew she wanted to do it. Every CrossFit gym knows what its like for someone new to start and how it can be a little scary. The coaches will ensure you feel comfortable and are exercising safely. How do you know you can’t unless you try?


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