Bridal Bootcamp – here we go

No I’m not getting married! But my brother is and I’m lucky enough to be a bridesmaid and support my best friend and sister-in-law to be on her big day.
I heard about a bridal bootcamp on the radio and didn’t think anything more of it until they mentioned the competition was open to the whole bridal party – bridesmaids, best men, mother of the bride, everyone!!

So…what’s Bridal Bootcamp Me all about? Just as an athlete peaks for a race, Bridal Bootcamp will help Leah and I to physically and mentally peak for Leah and Jason’s special day (and the millions of photos that go with that). The bootcamp combines the Legion Training Program developed by International Stuntman and Celebrity trainer Tyrone Bell with the personal development program of A Mother’s Love to help me create the ultimate ME!
At the end of the 13-week program the top 10 competitors will go head to head to win ZM listener votes and the ultimate Bridal Bootcamp prize.
I thought this is exactly what I need to keep on track while I’m on holiday and get focused on my next goal immediately after the marathon. I started following Bridal Bootcamp Me on Facebook and investigating legion training and loved everything I saw! That night there was a competition for the bride and her bridesmaid to win entry to the bootcamp, a prize worth $500!! I thought what the heck, why not try my lucky and threw my hat in the ring with a small explanation of why I wanted Leah and her bridesmaids to win. And we WON!! I couldn’t believe it and am sooo excited to be involved! The timing couldn’t be better and is just the motivation and support I need to get in my dream bridesmaid dress!

I’ve done my measurements, filled in a very detailed questioner about my current fitness and body image and my goals and am waiting in anticipation for the online portal to be unlocked so I can see what I’m eating tomorrow!

Ill be posting updates, pics and snippets along the way but sing out if you have any questions or better yet, if you are part of the bootcamp too!!

Check out the website for all the details and follow them on Facebook for competitions and prizes throughout the next 13 weeks!

Laura xx

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