The year that was….

So I’ve been umming and ahhing whether to post this pic for a while now. But if it can inspire or motivate someone to take a step towards achieving their health and fitness goals, then that is my goal achieved.

Let’s say this is a bit of a reflection on the year that was.

First off, no filter, sorry not the best lighting. And the difference in weight in these pics is a 2kg weight loss.

1 year difference....

1 year difference….

Few reasons I was hesitant to post this:

🔷 My goals are not aesthetic related (but hey, that’s a nice side effect), if they were I believe I could have a much greater transformation. I have been eating mostly for performance.

🔷 In this time I put on about 5-6kg before it came off and I was leaner. That’s what strength training and lifting heavy does. It’s called adding muscle mass.

🔷 I am far from ‘done’. I have SO much more to achieve that a photo cannot even start to represent.

When I look at these 2 photos, what I see beyond that of looking ‘better’, is:

✅ My strength numbers have gone up, something like this:
⬆️ 22kg back squat (102kg)
⬆️ 17kg front squat (87kg)
⬆️ 20kg overhead squat (70kg)
⬆️ 10kg deadlift (140kg)

✅ My Olympic lifts have gone up:
⬆️ 14.5kg snatch (62kg)
⬆️ 12.5kg clean and jerk (75kg)

✅ My gymnastics has improved:
⬆️ handstand walking & handstands
⬆️ first bar and ring muscle ups. Then linking bar and ring muscle ups.
⬆️ I can do pistols!
⬆️ I am waaaaay better at double unders.

✅ The early mornings, late nights and long weekend days spent working on all these things.

✅ The blood, sweat, frustration and…. tantrums throwing a barbell around. No tears as yet, but definitely been close (no cry board yet!).

✅ The amazing opportunities I have had to train with and compete against the best in this sport.

✅ The inspirational and knowledgeable people I get to train with and learn from every single day that motivate me to push that much harder and challenge myself beyond what I think is possible.

✅ What I have learnt about myself, strength training, nutrition, Olympic lifting, mobility, gymnastics and mental toughness. And you will be surprised how much of that correlates to every part of your life.

✅ All of this while working a very busy and not too flexible ‘day job’. Yea, you need to challenge yourself with your excuses. I always find time to train.

And a few other awesome things that have happened this year:

  • Starting ‘kettlebells and cookies’!!  Laura and I always talk about how amazing this is and the great people we have met from this,
  • Achieving some huge milestones on projects at work that will forever be career defining moments,
  • Getting my Level 1 Crossfit trainer certification,
  • My little sister opening a Crossfit gym,
  • Starting my personal training qualification, and
  • Being offered a new job that I start week after next.

There are many more, but these are the things that have made a significant impact on me in the last year and have started to define some of what I am looking to achieve in this year.

Yea, I see a lot more than some ‘transformation picture’.

So what I want from this is when you are setting your ‘new years resolutions’ or goals, think about exactly what it is you want to achieve. Is it really some number on the scale? If so, great, that’s totally up to you. Or is it more than that, think about how you want to ‘feel’ and what you really need to do to achieve that. If you had asked me a year ago what my goals were a year ago I would’ve told you some measurable, time bound, achievable goals (smart goals) and I agree that everyone needs to have them, but on reflection, I have achieved those and so much more.

And like I said, I am FAR from done yet, I always want more and I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Don’t limit yourself by static goals that stem from a ‘New Year, New You’ type philosophy.  If the New Year is the thing you need to trigger your journey to a better you, then I am all for that. But let life take you in the way it does, as you may be surprised as to how your goals change as you start to achieve them.

Here’s a quick wee thing to think about when setting and working towards goals:


This will ensure you are always chasing the outcome you truly want at any particular time.

Happy New Year all!!

Have you set any New Year resolutions or goals?  We would love to hear about them below.


3 thoughts on “The year that was….

  1. onomatopoeicbliss says:

    Though Ima not into CrossFit, I concur with about everything you say. The goals she we start this journey do not remain our goals once we are on our way.
    Nothing more to say that you didn’t cover.
    Rock On!

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