Top 5 eats and treats

With the Wellington wine and food festival coming this weekend, we thought what a great opportunity to cover off our Top 5 ‘eats and treats’!

Top 5 eats:

Here at kettlebellsandcookies we are HUGE brunch fans. Brunch is that meal you can eat anytime between 5am – 4pm.. yes truly. Here are our favourites:

1. Poneke café underneath the new overseas terminal apartment complex. This is a ‘Mojo’ cafe with a twist. This is a *must try* if you haven’t already been there.

Pros: The menu is extensive! Favourites are the coconut chia (dairy free!) and the mince on toast (which is actually pulled beef!). The service is great and the location is fantastic for a stroll around the waterfront after.  They are also open till late and have a great tapa’s and drinks menu! Also, free sparkling water!

Cons: No wifi.

Kettlebells and cookies brunch at Poneke cafe

Kettlebells and cookies brunch at Poneke cafe

on Cuba st. Great food, atmosphere and they let you stay for hours without angry ‘you’re taking up a table’ looks.

Pros: Free unlimited wifi and central location.

Cons: Parking is difficult.


3. Maranui Cafe in Lyall Bay. Cliche, but everyone knows this is one of the absolute best places for food in Wellington. It is busy at ALL times, no matter what time or day.

Pros: Food, service, atmosphere, the view…. too many to list!

Cons: The queues out the door (but it moves pretty quickly).


4. Sieze cafe– not *just* for brunch, this is an anytime of the day place. Full of whole food goodness, there is really an untapped market in Wellington for this type of food and Sieze is making the most of it!

Pros: People are still learning about this treasure so wait times are short. Our fav is the rasberry maca smoothie!

Cons: Hard to fault Seize – maybe that parking is difficult as its central city. But not an issue if you are working in Wellington CBD.


5. Garage cafe in Upper Hutt (no judging)– we were seconded to a project in Upper Hutt for 2 years so we know this place well. The wait times are short, the coffee is great and the service is second to none – the awesome girls behind the counter will know your usual order within a few visits.

Pros: Frequent free tasters of slices and muffins and cabinets packed full of childhood favourites.

Cons: It’s in Upper Hutt.


Top 5 treats:

And for your more indulgent side, here are the top 5 favourite treats from our archives:

1. Snicker balls
2. Chocolate!
3. Clean Chocolate Mousse
4. Nut butter muffins
5. Peanut butter and Jelly slice

Chocolate peanut butter and jelly slice

Chocolate peanut butter and jelly slice

What are your favourite eats and treats?  We would love to hear about them!

Jane and Laura x

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