Thirsty Thursday – green smoothie and chia seed pudding

In this edition of thirsty Thursday we have classic green smoothie that doubles as a green chia seed pudding.

Green smoothie:

  • 1 cup baby spinach leaves
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein
  • 1 cup coconut cream
  • Berries (optional)

Blend all ingredients and serve.

Chia seed pudding:

  • 3-4 tablespoons of chia seeds 
  • 1 mason jar 

Fill 3/4 mason jar with smoothie and add chia seeds. Shake well. Place in fridge for 10 mins then shake well again. The key to this is good shaking or the chia seeds go clumpy!

Leave for a few hours then serve. 

This looks like green sludge by the way. But tastes amazing! 

Enjoy šŸ™‚


No Junk Food Challenge – Junk Food Free April

Are you reliant on chocolate to get through the afternoon?

Is your fall back plan for lunch when you are crazy busy a coffee and muffin or pastry?

Do you eat pretty healthy but have found yourself mindlessly snacking on or saying “just this last time” to offers of junk food more and more?

Are you up for a challenge for April?

Back by popular demand, the Kettlebells and Cookies Junk Food Free Challenge!

Ā This challenge is for anyone and everyone. For some it may be just what you need to clean up the last 10% of your diet and be really very honest with yourself for a month.
For others it will be a complete overhaul of your current diet and daily challenge but just imagine how amazing you will feel 30 days from now having beat your cravings and broken the sugar addiction.
And for those who would find this so easy and not a challenge at all, then I ask you to please join in the challenge and support those with hints, tips and strategies of how you cope with cravings and what yummy substitutes to junk food you keep in hand.Just a quick note on the food you cut out for April…please feel free to tailor the challenge specifically to you! Choose foods you will cut out based on what will be challenging but not unachievable or unenjoyable. The main goal here is health and you know what your challenges are when it comes to eating those ‘not so healthy’ treats.

Take Laura’s mum for example. She told us during our August challenge she was onboard for the challenge but wasn’t cutting out muffins. Every Saturday morning she goes for go for a walk and finishes at a local cafe for coffee and a muffin. She loves this tradition and looks forward to her weekly muffin. She doesn’t pick/snack/mindlessly eat muffins so she doesn’t need to focus on breaking any muffin related habits. Bread and chippies on the other hand…you get the picture. Everyone has their own challenges.

So please chop and change the foods to a list that will challenge you and change you.
We would love to hear what foods you have picked to cut out. What do you think the number 1 cut out food would be?

Join Team Kettlebells and Cookies and be part of a closed group that’s full of support, motivation and suggestions on how to smash this challenge.