Getting back into the zone 

Been a bit quiet on the old blog lately, few things going on, new training schedule to adjust to, new job, family things and a few holidays here and there, meaning the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. To be honest with the end of the crossfit open (a while ago!) I have been struggling with what my training goals are and haven’t had any direction, which tends to throw my training and nutrition mentality off completely. I eat whatever, and don’t have my usual drive in training.

When I have clear goals and a clear end game it makes ‘the grind’ all worth it. Don’t get me wrong, 90% of the time I love training and want to be there more than doing other things, but on those days when I ‘just can’t be bothered’ it’s my goals and the ‘why’ that get me there. And lately, there has been more and more of the ‘just can’t be bothered days’. With this lack of drive for training has come less than optimal nutrition, which then leads to average performance in training when I am there (less energy, motivation etc). It’s a vicious cycle!

I now have some clearer goals training wise and am feeling more motivated, but my nutrition has been all over the show (letting those ‘sometimes’ foods creep in much more than sometimes!).

At the end of last year I had some really good success with ‘The Zone’ eating plan. And, after a message today (kick up the bum!) from Emma from Embracing it, we decided to support each other in starting on the zone.

I have said to myself a few times over the last couple of weeks ‘ok, today is the day, back on track now’ and then gone back to less than ideal eating rather quickly. Somehow there is something about saying it out loud to someone other than yourself (hi everyone!) that makes it a lot more real.

We both have different reasons for wanting to get back on track. Mine being to have more energy to support my training and lose a bit of weight to make gymnastics movements easier and try and drop weight classes for weight lifting. Emma wants to support her training as well eating within the guidelines of her food intolerances to balance her hormones.

Emma and I decided that by doing it together and sharing our stories with you all, this could be the catalyst to keep us on track. And, hey, maybe some of you will even join us too?!

So, apologies in advance for a whole heap of food/meal posts and pictures (yes, more than usual). But that goes both ways, if you do want to join us, please share your pictures with us too – we love seeing your creations!

Emma and I will take before photographs and measurements to monitor our progress. We know it wont be easy, but Emma and I will share how we’re going as we commit for the next month – I’ll be ready to weigh in underweight at my competition and Emma will be treating her body as a temple and looking hot for her engagement party in a month!

Find Emma on facebook here:


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