Mykonos – you wee gem!

After exploring Athens all day I was relived to check into my air conditioned, wifi’d hostel – Athens Style. Our room was super luxurious compared to my prison cell the night before (I a seperate hostel). I’ve quickly come to appreciate the small things hostel surfing!

Athens Style was the recommended accommodation for the busabout Greek island hoping package as we were leaving from the foyer at 5.30am the next day. They also threw an optional meet and greet in the hostel bar the night before we departed so we could meet our guide (Danielle, whose equal parts awesome, knowledgeable and funny – we win having her as a guide!) and the other travellers on the tour. This was a great opportunity to meet the friendly faces we would be spending the next few days with*   

View from the hostel roof bar 

(*we chose Busabout because it’s a very flexible tour – with the island hoping package you go to Mykonos, Paros, Santorini and Ios and your ferry and transfers are all included but you book your accomodation and decide how long you want to stay on each island. The standard is 2 nights on each which is what we are doing but we realised lots of people mix it up – 2 nights Míkonos and Paros, 4 nights Santorini and 6 nights in ios (you poor poor souls). Because of the flexibility you don’t have the same group the whole way through or guide if you do more than 2 nights on an island.)

That night I had my first gyros – this quickly escalated to a daily habit…oops    

 Fast forward to 5.30am Wednesday morning…we were on the bus to our ferry to Mykonos. I was expecting an East by West kinda ferry but this was an Interislander and was more like a small cruise ship! We had packed snacks (duh!) but there was about 5 cafes on board, big leather chairs and TVs throughout the boat. The ferry stopped at 2 smaller islands before Mykonos and they both looked absolutely idilic  When we finally got to Mykonos (about 5 hours later) we checked into our hostel and headed straight out to find some lunch and scenic treasures. The blue doors and shutters, red domes on churches, cafes on the waters edge, small cobblestones streets you can get lost in, vibrant flowers and bushes snaking up white abodes, wicker windmills and cats drunk on the sun lazing in doorways…I was in a Mamma Mia heaven!!! 

 I spent hours and hours roaming the streets of little Venice – taking in the waterfront, the windmills, the great shopping, and smells of good food and sounds of locals probably just chatting about the weather but sounding like a passionate lovers tiff.    That night we went for a group dinner – Dinner = 2/5. The place was great but it seemed like token, tourist Greek instead of the taste bombs I was expecting and have since had. I also found it overpriced and quantity over quality. There are so many amazing looking restaurants in Mykonos I was pissed to waste a meal on not yumminess. But the company was great. We then walked down to the windmills watch the sunset and woah – talk about natural beauty! I can honestly say the pictures don’t do the colours justice and I had to take a minute to soak it in a say to myself ‘don’t worry about the perfect picture, this is perfection right in front of me’.  

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