Paradise beach – the name says it all

After getting lost in the streets of Mykonos and watching the most perfect sunset I’ve ever seen in my 27 years Dom and I were ready for a chill out day to put our feet up, cool off in the ocean and personally, I needed to shake off the jet lag that had finally set in my whirlwind ‘Wellington – Auckland – Shanghai – London – Athens – Mykonos’ 3 day odyssey. To earn our rest, we got up at 7am to walk around the waterfront, beating the crowds and the heat of the sun. We walked around to the old port and found more beautiful views, the most delicious bakery and how the other half live – the super yachts parked in the port were next level. I could probably afford one of the door handles! I love walking around new cities – its a great way to get off the tourist track, find some hidden gems and get some exercise. 

After showering and eating our delicious breakfast – fresh fruit and Greek yoghurt and the BEST thing i have ever eaten from a bakery, a cheesy, pancetta flat bread that was still warm – we caught a bus into town to Paraga beach were new friends of our were staying. This was the situation at their hostel:   WARNING: parts of Paraga beach and paradise beach are nudie beaches!! People don’t tell you these things and all of a sudden there is a stark naked leathery Greek man with his junk out straight ahead and it’s awkward as….it was awful!! After successfully navigating through the sea of nudies, we set ourselves up on the beach to read, swim and catch some rays (yes mum I wore my sunscreen!). We also went for a quick hike to the highest point we could find to get a view of the beach – it was stunning!!

 And had a few cheeky selfies while we were up there  

 After a fair bit of sun bathing, reading and dips in the sea/ pool we headed to paradise beach for a few cocktails and whatnot. Paradise beach is only a 5min walk away from Paraga beach so we literally went straight from beach to club haha. I was a sunscreen covered hot mess but I didn’t care, I just wanted a fruity cocktail in and around my mouth stat! The first bar we walked past we were offered free shots and a free bucket (?!!) of alcohol – SOLD! This club also had a strange Zumba party going on – Mykonos you are cray cray. After too many shots and buckets of alcohol we were all eventually up on the stage getting our dance on!

   We didn’t have a massive night in Mykonos, mostly because we had a morning ferry to Paros the next morning – who wants to be hungover on a boat…not me! Two of our new friends got home at 5am and had to be packed up and at the port at 8am – I think the whole ferry felt so sooo sorry for these chickies, there were 2 very green babes and we all learnt from their lesson not to drink the night before a ferry crossing!

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