Welcome to our blog!  We are Jane and Laura, two 20-somethings from Wellington, NZ.

Life is a crazy place where we all have ideas, thoughts, plans and goals we wish to achieve.  This is the place where we will discuss and share our latest thoughts on ours, to simply, live the best version of us! We are looking to inspire and be inspired, so please join us for the journey!


Why “Kettlebells and Cookies”??

Well, “kettlebells” to symbolise the big part fitness plays in our life and “cookies” because, hey, as clean as we try to eat, sometimes we all need a cookie or two 😉


We met in 2011 when we started at the same organisation, in the same team, on the same day, sitting right next to each other. We quickly realised we had many mutual friends, interests and had both come from the same previous organisation – yet somehow our paths had never crossed. The 29th August was a day to remember. For us, for our team members and for the poor partners that needed to manage these two bundles of energy and enthusiasm.

Our love and passion for all things health and fitness turned two workmates into close friends who support each other to achieve our personal and professional goals, share clothes, make up and tell the other to step away from the lollie jar when required.

We spend more time together than any other friend or family member, but we somehow never manage to run out of things to say to each other (often to the dismay of those around us). A normal day used to see us both at Crossfit at 5.30am, in the showers at work by 7.30am, in the car to our offsite office by 8.00am – one driving and the other eating breakfast/doing make up/hair!! Since then we have each moved to new roles in new organisations (exciting!) meaning we are both trying out new ways to get in exercise before (or on the way to) work!

It can be a little mad, but as fitness, nutrition and work success are equally important to us, we do whatever we need to do to fit it all in – all while having a lot of fun along the way.


2+ years of fun and festivities

2+ years of fun and festivities

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    • ltopp says:

      Thank you Libby. Those are very kind words. And you are so right – when you’re living a healthy balanced life, work, relationships, friendships, etc all seem to shape up and be a lot more fun!!

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